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Needing some help with your dog and their training?
If you're struggling with your new puppy, recall, lead walking, terrible teens, and more, then you're at the right place
Struggling to train your dog?
We no longer offer one-off hour sessions due to one hour simply not being enough to support you and your canine companion. Instead we offer block sessions because these would help to optimise your dog's learning. Quick doesn't always mean the best results in the long run because often the problem hasn't truly been resolved. Results are achieved overtime with hardwork and dedication. You wouldn't go to the gym once or do a diet for a single day. It can be tempting to take shortcuts but these rarely work.
No, your dog isn't being naughty or stubborn
With some help, I will show you how to train your dog using science proven and reward based methods. Positive reinforcement involves the dog wanting to do a behaviour again because the consequence drives the behaviour. We will discuss various ways to reinforce our dogs and why aversives should be avoided. Learn about why our dog's do certain things that we may find undesirable.


Payment plans are available for 4 and 6 block sessions - get in touch
2 Block Sessions £150
4 Block Sessions £290
6 Block Sessions £430

After sessions

After each session you will receive a training report within 3 days explaining what we did during the session, the reasons as to why we're doing it and how we execute the training. Guardians are encouraged to keep in contact with their trainer between sessions to update on their progress.

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