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Our TD Rally Obedience Workshops are a fun way to help improve your relationship with your dog through better focus, engagement and connection. So what are you waiting for?

Hannah is a TD Rally Obedience Instructor with our workshops currently held in Andover, Hampshire

td rally obedience

What is TD Rally?

So it was launched in 2010, Talking Dogs Rally® is the only canine rally organisation in the UK specifically devised for pet dogs and their people with a core value of allowing natural not stylised movement and maintaining balance throughout the courses where dogs work on both the left and right sides. Starting with 200 points, and aiming to lose as few points as they can, teams perform practical exercises (stations) set out in a numbered course. Talking Dogs Rally® is fun for all, welcoming handlers of all ages and abilities, and dogs both crossbreed and pedigree.

These introduction workshops will be limited to six dogs. Your dog MUST not be reactive around other dogs/people because they will struggle to process and learn if they’re over threshold during the workshop

Level 1

This is the main entry level of competition. Level 1 station are colour coded green and are used in all levels. These stations form the backbone of most courses as they include many basic exercises such as left and right turns, pace changes and stationary staples. So Level 1 has 34 stations plus 4 bonus stations. All level courses are performed on lead and handlers are allowed and encouraged to give their dogs lots of feedback and rewards throughout the course.

Level 1 Introduction Workshop

Where: April's Farm, Upper Enham, Andover
When: Saturdays
Next Workshop Dates: COMING SOON
Price: £40
This is a 90 minute taster workshop where you will get a taste of whay Rally is all about. Learn about some of the 34 stations that can be found on the level 1. So we will talk about the rules, how you could lose points and at the end, each guardian and their dog will do a small TD Rally course. Hopefully once you've done this workshop; you'd like to continue on doing Rally with your dog.

td rally

Social distancing would need to be maintained at all times between handlers and trainer

All attendees will receive a certificate. Handouts would be sent out electronically. But thats not all. You will gain access to our online training community. All our terms and conditions can be found via the booking button above.

Interested? Please Contact us to find out full details of these workshops or click the button above to secure a place straight away.

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