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Our Puppy and Improvers Classes are for puppies up to 20 weeks old and improvers over 20 weeks old.

Both our puppy classes and improvers classes are held in Andover, Hampshire
But how do we train?
Our puppy classes and improvers classes are based around establishing or building a happy relationship with your dog. So we do this by using force free, positive reinforcement, reward-based training methods. All of our training classes are fun and motivating and does not involve harsh handling or methods that could inflict fear, pain or discomfort to your dog. Because we love our dogs after all. Please bring food to our training classes, generally something that is small enough to swallow and soft because chewing can be distracting. So food is the most motivating thing to a dog, so with early learning, we can reinforce new behaviours quicker with food than something such as a toy. Verbal praise is actually the lowered motivator for a dog in terms of wanting to do a behaviour more often.

These classes have up to six dogs, this is because we want to ensure maximum support is given. Your dog MUST be okay to be around other dogs
'Cub Together N Train' Puppy Classes
Where: April's Farm, Upper Enham, Andover
Next Class Dates: January 2022
Price: £120
Our six week puppy classes will help equipt you and your puppy with some essential lifelong skills, whilst maintaining social distancing. This course is aimed at puppies up to 20 weeks at the start date. The syllabus for our puppy classes, but not limited to, would be; experimenting with reinforcers, socialisation, learning the process of luring, eye contact and nose targets. As well as puppy play - consent test, equipment, greetings, leadwork, recall, enrichment and tons more. Your puppy will grow up to be a well behaved member of society.
puppy classes
'Quit Fox'n Around' Improvers Classes
Where: Aprils' Farm, Upper Enham, Andover
Next Class Date: January 2022
Price: £120
Our six week improvers classes is a perfect follow-on course for those who have attended our puppy classes but can also be for dogs over 5 months old with some basic training already. We will look to strengthen your dog's recall, leadwork and focus skills. As well as looking at appropriate dog greetings, green and red flag behaviours during play, emergency stops, mat work, manners around the door and other fun new behaviours. These classes are not suitable for dogs that display reactive behaviour i.e. non stop barking, lunging, growling towards other dogs or people.
puppy classes
Social distancing would need to be maintained at all times between handlers and trainer

All attendees on our six week courses will receive a certificate and a rosette at the end of the course. Handouts will be sent out electronically each week if applicable. But thats not all. You will gain access to our online training community. All our terms and conditions can be found via the booking button above for the correct course you'd like to book

Interested? Please Contact us to find out full details of any of these courses or click the correct button above to secure a place straight away.

Also give our Facebook page a follow to ensure you're aware of any further updates. This is generally recommended because I always update on there first.

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