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But how do we train?
Our classes are centred around establishing or building a happy relationship with your dog. Often we ask or expect too much of our dog, especially a young puppy or adolescent and with these classes I can help support you and your training journey with your dog. All of our training is fun and doesn't involve any harsh handling or methods that may scare or cause your dog pain.


Where: TBC
Next Class Dates: Spring 2023
Price: £85
Our four week puppy classes will help equipt you and your puppy with some essential lifelong skills. This course is aimed at puppies up to 20 weeks at the start date. The syllabus for this course, but not limited to, would be; reward markers, focusing on you around distractions, learning the process of luring, eye contact and hand touches. As well as greetings, leadwork, recall, self control and tons more. Your puppy will grow up to be a well behaved member of society.


Where: TBC
Next Class Date: Spring 2023
Price: £100
Our four week improvers classes is a perfect follow-on course for those who have attended our puppy course but can also be for dogs over 5 months old with some basic training already. We will look to strengthen your dog's recall using a whistle, leadwork, down-stays and pattern games around distractions. These classes are not suitable for dogs that display reactive behaviour i.e. non stop barking, lunging, growling towards other dogs or people.


Where: Location confirmed when booking
Next Session Dates: Sep 18th, Oct 2nd or 23rd
Price: £15 PAYG
This class is designed for those who cannot or don't want to commit to block sessions. You may just want to occasionally have your dog in a training environment with other dogs. Classes take place twice a month on a weekend morning in public locations. This class is suitable for dogs of all ages and training journeys. Sadly dogs that exhibit behaviours such as excessive barking and lunging in the presence of other dogs and/or people would not be suitable to attend.

18th Sep

2nd Oct

Oct 23rd
puppy classes
puppy classes

After class

You will recieve handouts that will be sent out electronically each week if applicable so you will always have the exercises to look back on even once the course is completed. All guardians on our four week courses will receive a certificate at the end of the course.

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