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Needing some help with your dog and their training?
Jumping Up Leash Pulling
Lack of Recall New Puppy Problems
Counter Surfing Basic Training
Terrible Teens Zero Connection


Payment plans are available for 4 and 6 block sessions - get in touch
2 Block Sessions £150
4 Block Sessions £290
6 Block Sessions £430


£35 for 30 minutes
Need some training for your dog?
We no longer offer one-off hour sessions due to one hour simply not being enough to support you and your canine companion. Instead we offer block sessions because these would help to optimise your dog's learning. So quick doesn't always mean the best results. Results are achieved overtime with hardwork and dedication. Also with the support from a trusted pet professional. You wouldn't go to the gym once or do a diet for a single day. It can be tempting to take shortcuts but these rarely work. You would be committing to our trusted service but also to our ongoing support for you and your dog.
No, your dog isn't being naughty or stubborn..
When training our dogs we need to ensure that they're given clear guidance. More often than not dogs are given mixed or very little signals by their guardians. Dogs are opportunists by nature and so will do things that give the best outcome for themselves if they're not given guidance. There is no such thing as a naughty or stubborn dog. But there is such things as a dog that isn't entirely sure what you're wanting them to do.

I am based in Tidworth, Wiltshire but cover areas of both Wiltshire and Hampshire, so including Andover, Salisbury and Winchester. With some training, I will show you how to train your dog using science proven and reward based methods. Positive reinforcement involves the dog wanting to do a behaviour again because they like the consequence. We will discuss various ways to reinforce our dogs and why aversives should be avoided. Learn about why our dog's do certain things that we may find undesirable. You will receive a electronic training plan after your session(s), continued email/whatsapp support during the time that you're training with us and access to our private Facebook community group

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