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Hi, I'm Hannah. A Dog Trainer and Dog Behaviourist based in Tidworth, Wiltshire.

Hannah is a specialist with herding breeds; such as Shetland Sheepdogs and Collies and also enjoy working with dogs that show reactive behaviour both in and out the house. We aren't just limited to these areas; we can help you with many different behavioural or training problems. Our dog training services cover Tidworth, Marlborough, Salisbury, Andover, Winchester and surrounding areas.

Aversives aren't welcome here

Hannah describes herself as force free and reward based. She trains, helps and transforms dogs through the backing of science. Dogs love to have choices and control, so let's give more back to them. With many years of experience working with dogs and nothing but great reviews to back up these claims. Hannah is always learning and wanting to widen her field of knowledge. Hannah, like a lot of other qualified trainers and behaviourists is always updating her continuous personal development through recommended education providers. You can learn more about Hannah, her qualifications, current studies and even her dogs on her about page.

Book a discovery call

Book a FREE 15 minute Discovery Call. Why? because a discovery call is a way for guardians to develop some trust in my business and me as a person. This call also enables guardians to have a brief conversation regarding the issue with their dog. This means Hannah can see which service would be most beneficial because you may not be entirely sure what might suit. To book your discovery call, please contact us

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Need someone qualified?

The industry is sadly unregulated; meaning that anyone could wake up one morning and decide they want to become a dog trainer and/or dog behaviourist. They could do a £25 course and suddenly be under the presumption that they're now 'qualified'. Hannah, as well as many other qualified professionals, spends ££££ on qualifications, courses, seminars and workshop to ensure that YOU, the guardian AND your dog have the best experience possible with us. Always question the credibility of someone you hire to help your dog. Good reviews doesn't always mean a good professional; especially those that want quick fixes when training dogs instead of seeing the emotional side of the animal.
The business is owned and run by Hannah McMillan. Hannah is also a dog guardian and understands how hard it can be when your dog isn't behaving in a way that you want. But for me, dogs aren't just pets, they're a big part of the family and are a massive part of my life. Hannah likes working with, but not limited to, anxious dogs, herding breeds, predatory driven dogs, adolescence and reactivity. She can help with problem woes, such as recall, jumping up, puppies and lead pulling. As well as behavioural issues such as separation related problems, reactivity and excessive barking. So you've found the right trainer.

Fox N Fables Dog Training & Behaviour are fully committed to a reward based, science based force free philosophy. Force free meaning we would never use aversive methods to cause pain and fear or use physical force. Why would we want too? Dogs are with us, not for us after all?
Are you ready to start your journey?

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